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You will find that the information on our site is written for children and adults in easy to understand terms. Although the information may appear simplistic in nature the message itself is very important and vital to the protection of your children.

Please take the time to review our site - there may be things you have forgotten or that you just don't know, every little bit helps. 

Community Service Info

Dews - The Dog Early Warning System

The goal of DEWS (the Dog Early Warning System), is to nationally advance a colour-coded, street smart system, which employs dog bandanas in the three colours of the traffic lights to alert oncoming pedestrians to any issues that may affect their or their pet’s safety. Under the DEWS system:

  • A red bandana means that the owner does not want her pet to be approached;
  • Yellow means that there are cautionary issues which require special instructions from the owner about the way her dog must be approached; and
  • A green bandana means that the dog is known to be friendly.

Despite the best efforts of dog owners, sometimes their pets’ triggers are not fully understood. So in addition to colour-coding, DEWS teaches that permission must be obtained from a pet owner prior to approaching any dog, and that even with permission, care must be taken to prevent surprises and to keep encounters safe and positive.

Without the development of mutually understood social protocols, there are effectively no rules at the point where people and their pets intersect. As a result, there is an increased probability for dangerous mishaps that may result in injuries and euthanizations.

We believe that the civility of having dog ‘traffic lights’ and ‘rules of the road’ is safer than living in the current ‘Wild West’ of walking trails. By providing public education of the DEWS system, we hope to teach responsible parents that they can protect their children from injury by keeping them from running up to play with dogs, unsupervised; and to provide responsible dog owners with a simple, method to protect  their pet and the public’s safety.

On our ‘For Educators’ page at, we provide a downloadable handout and an Order Form for elementary schools and community groups to use for their education and fundraising campaigns. DEWS will donate $2 from the sale of every bandana towards their group’s fundraising objectives, and DEWS will provide signage for the walking trails and parks in communities where permission is obtained from local councils. Sales resulting from the signage will be tracked both, to the partnering town and the organization who gained permission. Watch for the launch of our ‘Partnership Package’ currently in development.

The packaging of DEWS bandanas has created sheltered work opportunities for persons with special needs through the AIM Society (Advocacy In Motion) and AIM will receive $2 from every bandana that is individually sold through our online store. Bandanas are currently made in Canada.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Street Smart Kidz, in our shared purpose of promoting strategies that will make the world a safer place for our loved ones. For further information, please view our website at, or contact Brigitte or Catherine at

Welcome to the
Street Smart Kidz Child Safety Website...

There are so many things to be careful about today, so many in fact, as parents, we can lose track of what we have or haven't had time to teach our kids.

Have we warned our kids about everything? Have we given them every tool available, so they can stay safe and be aware of dangerous situations?

We can help. 

Back To School Safety Tips Video

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Weekly Editorial

by Steven Baird

Back To School Safety Tips Editorial

It's that fantastic time of year!

No more will we hear, "I'm bored, "I like my room this way" and my personal favourite, "can I have some money". That's right. Our little darlings are going back to school.

Parents are looking forward to it and truth be told, so are the kids. Barber shops are full. Clothes and school supplies are starting to fly off the shelves. Which means it's time to brush up on our "Back School Safety Tips" so we can make sure our kids get there safely, learn, enjoy their day and get back home to tell us all about it...

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"The world is a dangerous place, not because
of those who do evil, but because of those
who look on and do nothing".

 Albert Einstein


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