September 8, 2014

The Back Pack Toss Video

The Back Pack Toss is a safety measure which every student should know about, and it's something every parent should teach their children, because it may save their life one day, and it's fun and easy to teach.

The Code Word Video

Have a secret code word, that only you and your child know. When having someone else pick up your child, they must say the code word to the child or the child should refuse to go with them.


During this last week, the most beautiful world wide Monument created to celebrate Peace and the Peacekeepers who make it possible, was...
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Back To School Safety Tips

Street Smart Kidz "Back School Safety Tips" so we can make sure our kids get there safely, learn, enjoy their day and get back home to tell us all about it.

Your Valuables Or Your Life

Make sure your children realize, that nothing is as important, or worth as much as their life. Make sure they know material objects can always be replaced, but they can never be replaced.

For Single Moms

Did You Know: as a single female parent, 68.2% of 14 years of age or younger females will be sexually, mentally or physically abused by the man you bring into the house, as your new "partner".

Why Wear Pink At the Start Of School

Let's get the new year off to a great start, and stop the bullying before it starts. Let's encourage the kids to take care of each other. I think we should designate Oct. 1st as the "Everyone Wear Pink Day"!

The Reference Checklist

I'd like to share a form my wife and I made up while interviewing daycares, babysitters, coaches and school trip supervisors. Please feel free to improve it any way you can, if helpful we will add your information to the sheet.

Boot-Legging To Minors

I think all of us, somewhere down the line, have approached a older legal person to purchase us alcohol. Back in my youth, I did this probably 5 or 10 times before I found out how stupid it was.