Street Smart Kidz Thank You

A Grandmother Share’s Success Story

Street Smart Kidz Directors & Volunteers are having a wonderful week after receiving the following inspirational story from a SSK member. Please share your motivational stories when appropriate, as it always makes our day and inspires other parents”!

Hi Steven and the Street Smart Kidz.

I received my Bear commemorative coin today and want to thank you so much for the opportunity of winning it. I also want to thank your informative Facebook page and website for your great ideas on safety for our children.

My grandson is now at the age that he wants more responsibility and has taken a number of online safety programs and studied sites like yours regarding student safety. He is usually picked up after school but if not he knows he must go directly home by a specific route and phone mom immediately upon arriving home. She works just 5 minutes away! If he doesn’t call we know exactly what route he should be on. He hasn’t missed his calls to mom yet. He knows nobody is allowed in the house with him and if he goes out he must let us know where he will be. When he is home alone, he always has the dog with him and doesn’t answer the door or phone (unless it is family calling and they appear on the phone screen.) After school there are a lot of kids playing in the neighborhood.

I have been very pleased with the responsibility he has shown and there has been no problems. So when I heard I had won the special coin for the March contest on your Facebook page I decided that I was going to give it to my grandson for his diligence at accepting these responsibilities. He was very pleased with it and happy to have such a special Canadian coin. He is also pleased that his responsible ways have been acknowledged.

Keep up the great work with your website and Facebook page. I have recommended them to friends and family members who have young children.

All the very best and continued success.

Jody Lowcay