Street Smart Kidz Seminar Information

It was a very busy last week here at Street Smart Kidz. We had 23 request, involving 7 different Province’s, all asking for information about booking a Child Safety Seminar. The request came from schools wanting to educate their kids on safety. Community groups wanting to share information with parents and businesses trying to care for their employee’s.

To all of these wonderful groups and the request of the future, we say ” YES, WE WILL BE THERE “! It’s going to take some time, but you have my word, “WE WILL BE THERE”! Street Smart Kidz is growing faster than we anticipated, and needs to make the appropriate adjustments by expanding so we can quickly and easily reach every corner of this great land, but it takes time. We have to be VERY, VERY careful about who we hire or become associated with.

Please be patient. We will be there. You have my word!

During the last few years we have done many interviews with the press about our seminars and their content. Given the information to hundreds of schools, hundreds of community groups and businesses and thousands of parents. Always on a one to one basis so Street Smart Kidz and the group requesting the Seminar feel comfortable with each other. I’d like to post the answers to our most frequently asked questions, so you and your group/organization has a better understanding of our Seminars.

Although this will not answer all of your questions, it will lay the ground work for a successful first contact and together we will build a Seminar that fits your individual goals and needs.
Yes, we adjust our content to the age group we are talking to

We have conducted Seminars to groups as small as 4 and as large as 500

We talk with kids as young as 5 and as old as 14

Yes, we give Child Safety Seminars to Parent groups, and have even conducted them with Grandparent groups

No, we have NEVER had a complaint about a child being scared after a Seminar, as we believe in “Education Through Respect” , not the “Scared Straight” philosophy

Our Seminars can run between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on age and the content you and Street Smart Kidz has agreed upon

To get a idea of our content and philosophy, simply visit our Archive section and click on our colored buttons at the top of our Homepage

Yes, we also have a extensive library to pull information from, so we can discuss almost ANY topic you have in mind I look forward to talking with you and discussing your future Seminar!

Until then, remember, you can down load all of our information for your family for FREE. Please, use our FREE phone list, ID KIT, reference check list and more.