how to discuss money with kids

Announcing: The Value of Money Series

Good Morning Parents!

Street Smart Kidz of Canada has listened to your request by phone, read your thousands of emails this year and had countless meetings with parents coast to coast across this wonderful country, concerning the topics that YOU, the parents, want us to discuss with your kids while conducting our seminars or writing our Safety Editorials every month. The third most requested topic has been, “our kids don’t understand money at all”, “we can’t make them understand the value of money” or ” when our teens leave the house, we expect them back in 6 months or less because they believe a kitchen means drive-thru or menu please”.

Here at Street Smart Kidz, we really had a hard time trying to fit your request into a safety message. Usually we talk and teach about immediate problems and situations. Having a code word. The Back-pack Toss. The buddy system. What to do if your lost. That’s what we teach and we love doing it.

Is knowing how to budget a safety concern? Is knowing how important your credit score is important? Is knowing you MAY have a problem if your paying off a credit card bill with another credit card something to worry about? If your in High School and you give your PIN number to your boy friend, could you get in financial trouble. As a parent, your watching your son slowly lose 5 pounds a week, becoming withdrawn, a night owl, skipping school and borrowing money when he has a part time job something to worry about? Your child had $100 in a savings account as a gift from Grandma, but now it’s gone, yet he has a brand new video game? Problem?

After many hours of parental advice from every Province and a reminder of what is happening on East Hastings Street in Vancouver, we would like to say to all our parents, “Your Right”! Although not a “immediate safety concern”, it’s definitely a “long term safety concern” that Street Smart Kidz of Canada should be looking at, talking about, learning about. Over the next few months we are going to be talking to as many experts as we can to learn about very early financial planning, how to pass this information along to our kids and at what ages are appropriate to teach the information.

Kelly Bedford, one of our very talented Directors at Street Smart Kidz is going to be researching and writing a four part series on “How To Discuss Money” with your kids! Kelly will be sharing tips from experts on how to discuss money with your kids from ages 5 to 16. He will be passing along outstanding links to article’s from wonderful groups like “The Investors Group” and ” Gerber Life” as well as running our Street Smart Kidz “Win Collector Currency Coins” , which will be FANTASTIC tools for parents to use as a way of investing and saving money!

Have fun and enjoy this program!