Steven Baird, Managing Director

A Grandmother Share’s Success Story

I received my Bear commemorative coin today and want to thank you so much for the opportunity of winning it. I also want to thank your informative Facebook page and website for your great ideas on safety for our children.

State Has Misplaced Priorities

Street Smart Kidz of Canada has recognized this "horrible blight", for the last 10 years"! As we have traveled and taught through out Canada we have met and talked with our Canadian homeless children coast to coast. But NEVER more so than BC. Especially Vancouver and Victoria. Kids from all over Canada end up here. Why? Weather! When they run away, for whatever reason and they just CAN'T/WON'T go back, over 62% of end up here.

Announcing: The Value of Money Series

Over the next few months we are going to be talking to as many experts as we can to learn about very early financial planning, how to pass this information along to our kids and at what ages are appropriate to teach the information.

Webcam Safety

While I share a true Canadian crime story with you, please find a piece of masking or duct tape to put over your webcam, as well as your laptop camera's. One inch of non-clear tape can save your children and family members money, terror, regret and embarrassment. Now while your cutting tape, let me share the true story of Valerie Gignac, 27, from Joliette, Quebec.


I'd like to share with our parents a new and very twisted way some of our kids are being exploited this year called "Sextortion". It seems the truly sick and disgusting have come across a new way to terrorize our teenagers in 2015.
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