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Back To School Safety Tips

It’s that fantastic time of year – back to school!

No more will we hear, “I’m bored, “I like my room this way” and my personal favourite, “can I have some money”. That’s right. Our little darlings are going back to school.

Parents are looking forward to it and truth be told, so are the kids. Barber shops are full. Clothes and school supplies are starting to fly off the shelves. Which means it’s time to brush up on our “Back School Safety Tips” so we can make sure our kids get there safely, learn, enjoy their day and get back home to tell us all about it.

Here we go and a special thanks to all our thousands of parents who help us improve our list every year! Keep the idea’s coming.

  • when purchasing any school supplies or clothes online always the company name and look over the first five pages to see if they have a quality product
  • SLOW DOWN NOW! get in the habit of obeying school zone speed limits, because the Police Departments are setting up speed traps to remind you, all across Canada
  • when you purchase this years school clothing, remember, NEVER sew names on the outside of clothes or back packs
  • have you or your spouse started working on your code word yet with your kids? unsure or confused? go to our FREE Child Safety Video section and watch the FREE video
  • have you had a giggle with your kids doing the “Back Pack Toss”?, if not , check out our FREE Child Safety Video section and see how to do it
  • remember to ask for a copy of your childs school emergency policies in a emergency, where will children be located, when and where will children and parents be re-united
  • make sure every piece of information on your childs information record is correct, contacts, Dr’s, Parents cell, work, home numbers, allergies, meds and so on
  • print off two copies of the Street Smart Kidz FREE ID Kit, fill them out and give the school one copy and put the other copy in a safe place in your home
  • DOES YOUR CHILD KNOW, to never go with anyone who doesn’t give the CODE WORD? not a Aunt, Grand Parent, Neighbour or anyone else, They must go to the school office immediately and tell them what is happening
  • have you picked up a few re-useable ice packs for each childs lunch, to keep everthing cool, fresh and bacteria free
  • has your child memorized their phone number and address
  • for K – 3, have you done the pre-walk to school twice? This MUST be done when you are cutting them loose for the first time. Go slow, point out cross walks, lights, the route you EXPECT them to ALWAYS take, while answering all questions along the way. teach them to make eye contact with drivers before crossing roadways and always to look both ways
  • if your child is taking a bus to/from school, you need to visit “Sparky The Fire Dog” at for outstanding school bus safety tips your child should know, we LOVE this site
  • have you reminded your child to NEVER drink from someone else’s water bottle? did you remember to get a metal bottle, not plastic?
  • what is the schools policy on bullying and the repercussions and safety measure’s kids and parents can count on and expect? PLEASE check out which is the incredible website run by kids and the RCMP
  • does your kids school have a “STUDENTS CODE OF CONDUCT”? I have seen many, but never one better than Aspen Park Elementry by Principal Corrine Wester and Committee, check it out in our Archive Section here at Street Smart Kidz
  • if you purchase a computer this year for your child to do school work, REMEMBER, there isn’t ONE legitamite reason in the world for them to have the computer in their bedroom, NOT ONE, keep it in a family room or high traffic area
  • HEY PARENTS! Your important too! During the mad scramble to get the kids in the car, belt them in, double checking they have everything, remember to lock the door. Burglars also work mornings. Your important too!
  • if you need to use a commercial day care service for before and/or after school, check the level of staff training, child pick up policy, staff to child ratio, make sure the playground is safe and get at least three references, use our FREE Reference Check List as a guide, print as many copies as you need

Thats It!

It’s all common sense and I realize every one of you knew or remembered 90% of this information as you read it. It’s a recipe for success from many authors who have contributed over the years of Street Smart Kidz of Canada. Keep the idea’s coming.

Please, SLOW DOWN! Leave 5 minutes early or arrive 5 minutes late.

For more information please watch the Back To School Safety Tips Video.

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