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Beware of Online Prescription Drugs

Beware of Online Prescription Drugs

Internet drug dealers sell drugs to children by using very slick advertising, and promising a “great time” that’s safe. Kids can easily buy addictive prescription or over the counter drugs online. All they need is access to a parent’s credit card that may be stored on the computer.

I tried this for myself, to see how easy it really is. I used one of my wife’s credit card bills to get all the info I needed. This last week 100 XANAX arrived by mail. The company that sent it didn’t do one thing to check my age, or who this highly addictive drug was going to. It only took 18 day’s to arrive!

Access to drugs over the Internet is a fairly new phenomenon and laws and regulations have yet to catch up with it. Even with laws in place, parents , as always, need to monitor what their kids are doing online.


  • You cant depend on monitoring software to catch this
  • drugs often arrive in un-marked packages
  • Never let a child open a mailed package without you being there
  • And always read what is on your credit card bill, don’t just glance at it.