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Beware – Has Changed Their Content

We are very relieved and pleased to inform you that as of 4:15 today February 22nd, 2011, the website is now cleaned up. After a lively discussion with Steven Baird, the News Director of CKNW has removed all of the offensive material on the site. We highly recommend you peruse the site as the information is very valuable and a big thanks to the parents that informed us of it’s original problems.

This weeks Editorial has been a very difficult one to write. Many hours have been spent debating whether we should, how far our opinion should go, how to express our anger and disappointment at the situation, how to maintain the highly respected reputation we have built over six years and most important of all, how to protect our children. As I said, every word of the following statement has been debated countless times. Please consider what we are about to read, investigate on your own and then make your own decision.

This is the first time in 4 years that we have withdrawn support of a child/abuse/bulling website. We will be unable to support the website called, and it breaks our heart that their website has changed so much. However, we do not choose to walk away from this noble cause, Founded & Created by two of Street Smart Kidz biggest hero’s, David Shepherd & Travis Price.

A few years ago David & Travis created a Global movement to stop bullying in their small patch of the world by getting everyone in their school to wear something pink to school in support of a junior who made the “mistake” of wearing a pink shirt to school. The “junior” was labelled “gay” and worse by his peers. Seniors David & Travis said enough is enough. The rest is Canadian history that’s gone global. This beautiful project that has changed lives here in Canada and around the world as this story spreads. These boys spawned a movement seen by every Canadian including Christy Clark, who wanted to bring the movement to B.C. and help our children realize the dangers of bullying and eliminate this heinous disease.

Christy Clark created a beacon for kids and parents, a light we could all see giving us direction on how to deal with this issue on a daily basis, help and advise our most precious family members. Our Children! She gave us different points of view, alternative courses of action and resources. This is Christy at her best. I would venture to say she has saved many lives just by this wonderful website.

However, the website never acknowledged David and Travis. I confronted her on this particular point, she changed the wording on , but still didn’t give the two young Canadian Hero’s their due.

Recently she has turned the website over to a Radio Station friend to run until she has more time. Christy Clark’s wonderful website has since turned into a School’s Nightmare! Visit her site at , where you will find that the stories of inspiration have changed from “sticking up for the weak” to having “children stomped on the chest a few times by Parents or older siblings until they get their s**t right”! Or Die! There is much worse.

Why does this Canadian site of inspiration have to be 70% full of American horror? is so full of heinous garbage, so we no longer associate with it in the future.

Go through the site, see for yourself, then send a letter to your MLA, your school board or better still to Christy Clark herself, perhaps she is not aware of what the site she started is doing. Please DON’T let your kids visit this site. I know of twenty two great sites that promote knowledge and would love to share them with you or even better, go on a WEB scavenger hunt together with your kids about bullying.

Also make sure that the sites you let your children view haven’t changed – test them out from time to time – some sites get sold or run by others that change the original content to content that may be highly inappropriate. Keep ahead of the game for your children’s sake.

And wear a pink shirt on February 23th – this is truly a noble cause.