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Boot-Legging To Minors

I think all of us, somewhere down the line, have approached a older legal person to purchase us alcohol. Back in my youth, I did this probably 5 or 10 times before I found out how stupid it was. The reason I say it was stupid was no matter what we asked the “drunk” in front of the store for, we NEVER received our order. It was also very stupid to start drinking at that age.

I remember the time my friend Tim and I weeded, cut, pruned and raked the quarter acre of a truly cranky old woman who lived down the block. We worked nine hours of back breaking work for a $20 bill. We were in grade 10, and wanted to impress the ladies by bringing our own alcohol to the party, it was going to be a great night. At the Liquor Store, we located a drunk who would make the purchase for a fee. He came out of the Liquor Store, as happy as he could be, with 2 bags of Thunderbird! Let me educate you. Thunderbird, at that time and date, was a screw top, 26’er of rot gut. It cost $1.36 a bottle! That’s why he had two bags! We had nothing else to do but go to the party with this drunk, we definitely were not cool, were not seen as cool, I threw up within the hour and Tim soon followed.

The reason I’m sharing this story with you , is because I and my daughter were able to watch this take place this week as I went to the liquor store myself. We both watched a 12 to 14 year old girl, give a $20 dollar bill to a legal purchaser who then went into the liquor store. He showed his I.D. made the sale and left. I immediately confronted the sales clerk, who told me I was holding up the line, in a loud voice, I told her “a law has been broken, and a child is in danger” I was told by the employee “don’t worry about it” , happens all the time”! ” And, no there was no manager on duty”.

The 20 to 25 year old purchaser was now in the parking lot stuffing the booze into a back pack. As my daughter and I watched, he opened some shooters and put something in them. My alarm bells went off. NEED TO CALL POLICE! We pulled into the fastest place we knew a phone would be, the Ambulance Station on Cliff Ave, who gave us a phone right away to call the Police.

Thank God For The Ambulance Workers!

911 sent us to a non-emergency Police Number. The Non-Emergency # operator wanted my name , birth date, who I worked for, where I was located, phone number, cell number etc, etc, etc, meanwhile, the “20 something” man had already left with the 12 to 14 year old girl.

I hope she never drank those shooters.

I pray she never touched those shooters!


My solution is we send the police car NOW! Get the details later! I have been, and will continue to be the RCMP’s biggest fan! On this topic, you have it wrong!

Take care of the child first!

Paperwork can always be done after you saved a child’s life.