Bully of the Year 2014

Good Morning Parents! As always, our first “Editorial of 2015” is a look back at the year that was 2014. As you are aware , for the last 10 years we always try to acknowledge the biggest, baddest “hammer head” of the previous year to try and expose “takers, non givers” to our kids, society, social health and over all well being.

Some of our parents feel we should only expose light on the tormentors of our kids when giving this award. I disagree! Our kids are sponges. They hear the “TV”, our “parental discussions”, ” phone chats”, and discussions in the hallway, lunch room & play ground. Our kids are not idiots! To assume they don’t absorb their current environment will only lead to our further disconnect with them. That said:



*3rd Place- Comox Lions Club, BC, Canada

*2nd Place- Fox News.com

  • www.foxnews.com – Wonderful Racist, who report the news, whether fact or fiction, who issue “23 times the apologies” than of all other news agencies in North America combined

*Runner Up – Nancy Grace of HLN.com

  • http://www.hlntv.com/shows/nancy-grace
  • This is Street Smart Kidz.ca first 5 time runner up or winner of this award in our 10 years, she has made a career of passing judgement, condemning critics, trashing victims families by making them cry on TV and doing WHATEVER it takes to promote herself on the backs of dead children! I could sleep at night , after watching this piece of garbage self promote if she would do one thing, just one, that would be to talk a moment in between all the higher than thou self promotion and actually share/teach a “CHILD SAFETY TIP”!


And the 2014 Bully of the Year Award Goes To…



TripAdvisor.com is a website of hate and vengeance fueled by fired employee’s , disgruntled guest and mostly by the lowest form of life thinking they can weasel a free appy , drink or dinner by writing a trashy review on this website designed for idiots! Now, it’s hard to knock Nancy out of first, but it’s been done. This is how TripAdvisor.com accomplished it.
1) Although they are a website that reviews service concerning restaurants, hotels, B & B’s, air-service they haven’t a moderator. Which means “my trip/dinner/room sucked” because I posted it on TripAdvisor.com. These idiots check nothing. You can literally pick any restaurant in the world and say you had a horrible time. They will post it. The owner is screwed. Owner has no recourse!
2) Street Smart Kidz of Canada opened 10 TripAdisor.com accounts over the last year. Motivated by 1) parents, then kids, 2) teachers who were/are outraged by this garbage.
3) Street Mart Kidz of Canada posted complaints about the “rack of lamb” served in Chinese Restaurants
4) We posted horrible complaints about the Pizza at Chop Houses
5) We posted , with help from our friends at BCIT horrible complaints about Chinese food from McDonalds
TripAdvisor published it. They really dont care who is trashed, as long as they get the google ad money.

Of the 10 fictitious accounts we created, we were never questionsed. We never had any ISP issue’s. We were welcomed with open arms.

Side Notes


Three of the 11 restaurants & six of the seven B&B ‘s we worked with over the last 15 months have closed. You can see why/what/who caused this by searching google.