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Bullying At School Info Pack

Bullying At School Info Pack

So Parents! Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. The absolute majority will be students in your child’s school. You will need the help of your school’s administration to get you through these tough times. That means Principals, Vice-Principals and Teachers. As with everything in life, make sure everyone follows through on their promises and gets results!

This is a four part series: Part 1 – Principals Can Be Bullies Too Part 2 – When Teachers Are Your Child’s Bully Part 3 – When Life is Your Childs Bully At School Part 4 – Street Smart Kidz Plan To Stop Bullying In Schools

Part 1 – Principals Can Be Bullies Too

First, as studies in Canada show, 87% of Canadian Principals have never had a hint or allegation concerning bullying leveled against them. When MOST school Principals are acting like bullies, they are usually unaware they are doing it. Could have been a tough day dealing with students. With teachers. With teachers unions. Problems at home. Could be anything. Principals have a tough job, yet make no mistake, they also have a very documented history of bullying students. Exstensive research shows, when Principals act like bullies with children, they are Middle School or High School Principals, 79.6% will be male Principals and their victims are surprisingly just as many male as female students. This is a cross Canada issue, Vancouver Island to St.Johns NFLD, it’s disgusting and even more HORRIFIC for the victim than being bullied by a peer/classmate because Principals and Teachers are supposed to be the “protector’s” and “saviour’s” of the weak and innocent, by definition of all anti bullying programs, which are mandatory in all of our Canadain schools! Let me share a example of bulling in a High School that happened in B.C. this week that was absolutely stunning in it’s stupidity by the school administration. I’ve chatted with a few legal minds about it, they assure us, the parents have a “lock” case of abuse. Here are the details, you decide. Two grade nine students attend the same High School. Their mothers have had issue’s with each other in the past. Student A attends a class with Student B. Student A brings his IPhone to class. During class, all students are allowed to get up and roam or sit where ever. School ends two hours later. Student A realizes his IPhone is missing. Goes home, tells Mom. Mom & Student A arrive at High School next morning, and inform Principal and Vice Principal, Student B STOLE the IPhone because Student B sat at Student A’s chair for 5 minutes during the previous days class. The wheels of BULLYING is swinging into action! Student B was pulled out of his class, in front of his classmates, taken to his locker & made to dump it as well as his pockets. All in front of passing by students. The male student held himself together and didn’t break down at the injustice of the situation. The next day the IPhone was turned into the Lost & Found at the school. The Vice Principal thinks it was her speech to the class that returned the IPhone. The class thinks the Vice Principal is a “incompetent” because everyone knows one of Student A’s friend’s “hid it” to watch him freak out, telling 4 class mates while taking the IPhone, “watch this”. Yes, we have their statements to back this story up! A NON – Bullying Principal Would Not: allow a student to be yanked out of a classroom on a theft allegation, they would meet the child at the door at class end and ask to talk about it, otherwise, start the gossip, innuendo, rumours and garbage that DESTROY young lives and add statistics to our national suicide rate they would ask if the student would like their parents to join them for any conversations or actions taken against them before a locker search so the child feels protected, which didn’t happen, the child went through this alone, in front of everyone they would never parade them down a hallway and make them dump their locker while other students are walking around, instead they would ask the entire class to empty their lockers so no one is singled out When the parents found out about this pathetic, unjust exercise, they contacted the Principal who agreed a “huge” mistake had been made and would apoligize immediately to the student, which he did, 48 hrs later and calling the student by an incorrect name, then having the “incompetent” Vice-Principal call the parents, instead of following up on his “PROMISE” to call them personally. Street Smart Kidz of Canada has “all school communications and statements from the 4 students” to back up the above story. You will find 95% of Teachers & School Administrations to be OUTSTANDING professionals, that want nothing more than to see your child succeed in life and school.

Part 2 – When Teachers Are Your Child’s Bully

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful positive feedback about “Principals Being Bullies”. It seems I opened a floodgate and the stories came back to in a absolute torrent of frustration, anger and tears. I appreciate and need all of your feedback to make Street Smart Kidz carry on. We learn from you. Eight years. We still learn from you, the Parents and the Kids!We MUST also state very cleary, 95% of our Principals are awesome.

So lets talk about Teachers being Bullies!

This happens so much more than Principals. In fact, I feel very comfortable making the following statement. Teachers are the second biggest group of bullies in 75% of all schools in Canada. LET ME SAY IT AGAIN! Teachers are the second biggest group of bullies in Canada. Let’s use the B.C. Teachers “job action” as a example of our kids being bullied.


Now you can listen to the BC Fed of T, who have said many times, since their latest attempt to disregard our childrens education, ” School Marks Are All Subjective” so by not providing them during our “JOB ACTION”, we haven’t changed their future in the least. Roll that sentence three times in your mind. Do BC Teachers know or care that students want validation, progress reports, advice on how to acheive better grades if they KNEW what their first Term Grade was? Does that make sense anywhere other than B.C. ? Street Smart Kidz of Canada has worked with Teachers, Parents and Unions across Canada and I’m here to tell you, no one understands this Union Tactic! So lets call it what it is! The BC Teachers Federation are BULLYING their students to get more cash. A BC Teacher starts at $45,239 and by 10 years of service they are receiving $79,089 according to the Comox Valley Echo newspaper. At twenty years of service, they are receiving $117,343 ! World economies are falling, Occupy Wall Street is out there fighting for the poor, yet our teachers need more? Yet, BC Teachers are not the villians! The villians are the Parents who are putting up with this. BC Teachers in the last 8 years have elimanated both before school, after school activities, increased Pro D Days, days off, pushed back school start times and shortened the school year. Yet they are starting job action now, months away from negotiations because they feel they can BULLY the BC Government.


A student asked what their first term grade is in math, grade 4, the teacher replies ” don’t worry about it”, the child ask’s “why shouldn’t I worry?”, teacher replies ” your gonna fail if I don’t get a raise”, child says ” my Dad will ground me if I fail” teacher says ” your dismissed” * streetsmartkidz has this on tape from Prince George A grade 7 girl ask for clarification on a Math problem at the end of class, 6 students hear the teacher respond, ” thats your problem” the young girl ask why it’s her problem, the teacher responds ” because your parents voted for idiots” – Street Smart Kidz has video and audio. These are examples of Teachers Bullying Students over their employment contracts. They love our kids! Yet use them as HOSTAGES at their convenience.

Last but not least!

During my incredible job I get to hang out with many Principals and Teachers all across this great land. This weeks focus on the BC FED of T, was because of the THOUSANDS of letters and emails we have received about the job action and very silly letters to the Editor, from spouses of the sad and alone Teachers who agree with these tactics. For your information, to all BC FED of T, 40% of all teachers in this Province have sent out REPORT CARDS to parents giving kids their grades, with tips to improve their marks. Those are what we Canadians call, TEACHERS, we will remember them and we will remember the rest of you!

When Life Is Your Child’s Bully At School

Good Evening Parents! I’ve had a very productive week concerning Bullying. I was able to chat with a High School Principal in St. Johns, NFLD. A wonderful School Counselour from Toronto and a “highly respected, cutting edge High School Principal” from Comox, B.C. It’s interesting that the only differences between the 4 of us were our accents and the weather we are dealing with. Otherwise, the main topic is Bullying and what to do about it. Whats effective? What isn’t? Since we have now talked to over 100 School Principals at lenght, Elementry and Secondary, what is the definition of Bullying in B.C. compared to the definition of Bullying in Alberta? Or Ontario? Or NFLD? For additional thought, are you aware the definition is completely different from Province to Province, District to District, Division to Division and Block to Block not to mention Street to Street. Really! Two Schools face each other in B.C. If a grade 7 girl walks up to a classmate and punches a girl in her in the face her punishment may be 2 days suspension. Across the street at the other school, same infraction gets you a lecture and counseling. Two miles down the road, it’s a automatic 1 week suspension. Our kids know this. They know the penalties before they commit their actions. 35% of the time in our inner cities, beatings have been requested/ordered from a school 4 blocks away as a favour or payment of some kind. So how did your Child learn this disgusting behaviour? How did my Child learn to be so vicious? WHAT WENT WRONG! Consider This Plague, Review, How Did It Get In My House Did Simon Cowell get in: “you suck”, “your wasting my time”, ” you are the most pitiful piece of garbage to grace our stage” – Americon Idol taught our kids, why be polite, when you can destroy and make $40 million a year, sarcasm is a profitable art form. Kate plus Eight: taught our kids relationships crash and burn, but it was a public event, to maximize revenue, and our kids went along for the ride becoming cynical as they saw through the pathetic ruse Did you have a screen that rejected “Survivor”, the game show that taught all of our kids, if you lie, cheat, backstab your friends and maybe sleep with them, you could win a million dollars? Dear God, did they see a episode of the QUEENS of WHITE TRASH, “The KARDASHIANS”. OK! We can control this insanity. Go to the Food Channel. Must be a safe Channel. Then we learn all the swear words Gordon Ramsey can say in a sentence. I’m sitting with my child, and I say, “there is better on let’s change the channel”, she smile’s and says “Dad, I’ve heard it all” and goes to her room to listen to tunes. Our kids are growing up in a “Reality TV” world. Where the ratings only stay high if you insult, put down and denegrade a person to tears. They get hooked on shows that call kids idiots, garbage, your wasting my valueable time and taught if your not smart enough to con your best friend, your a idiot! And we wonder where it all went wrong, and why we can’t understand our own kids. This certainly isn’t a answer by any means. This is only the first layer of the onion, with many to be pulled back. I hope you will stay with us, as we desparetly try to find answers and conclusions. We wait and hope for your thoughts!

Part 4 – Street Smart Kidz Plan To Stop Bullying!

We would like to share our solution to the “Bullying Plague” which is running rampant through our schools. Causing children to take their lives and making thousands more live in fear and duress. We must STOP BULLYING NOW! Here’s what we would do.

  1. We need to make kids accountable for their actions. We need to make parents accountable for their kids actions and get involved when their kids are on either side of this plague.
  2. We need to STOP cutting Education every time we have a budget short fall. There is nothing left to cut. Administrators have too much on their plates, to be able to give Bullying the attention and focus it needs. Classrooms ARE too large. Teachers need smaller classrooms so they can observe what is happening in their classrooms and give attention to all students, so no student is left behind feeling frustrated and angry
  3. To accomplish #2, we have to find money. We can’t increase because the middle and lower class have nothing left, which is why we have such a large issue with #1. Parents are both working just to feed, clothe and house their children, which makes it very hard to stay involved in all aspects of their children’s lives.
  4. We know where to find the funds we need to start cleaning up the Bullying issue. During every Provincial and Federal election, every Party and Politician speaks at length about how “our children are our greatest resource” etc. Now is the time to stand by their words. We would like to see every elected Provincial and Federal politician donate 1% of their salary and 25% of their expense accounts to a independent accounting firm for this purpose If more funds are needed, cut Military spending by 1% and throw that money into the fund as are all the G8 and G20 countries.
  5. Using this “Child” fund, disperse the money to the Provincial Ministers of Education using a formula of equal dollars per student, Coast to Coast. The M of E’s would disperse the funds to the Superintendants who would hire qualified Bullying Counsellor’s for their School Districts.
  6. These Bullying Counsellors would work on site. Give thorough help and advice to victims. Dispense justice to the perpetrators. Follow up with every parent on both sides immediately. Continue to monitor every situation until year’s end.
  7. These “Bullying Counsellors” could work 2 days in a Elementary School and 3 days in a Secondary School or however the Superintendant wishes to use his/her additional staff.
  8. The “Bullying Counsellors” must interview everyone involved in the situation including parents to determine a fitting resolution. Some factors may also need to be addressed: violence involved type of Bullying and all previous Bullying infractions on record. Also follow up, follow through and documentation are the most important components of a successful Anti Bullying Program. The RCMP must be notified when Criminal Code Laws have been broken. The counsellors may also be assigned to organize community sponsors for before and after school programs and activities.
  9. All left over funds should be allocated to hiring more teachers!

This is the Street Smart Kidz of Canada Plan! We are going to take this plan across Canada, Coast to Coast’ and see if we can find one million citizens who agree with us. If you have a better plan, send it to us, we will name it after you. We don’t care who gets credit or ultimately what plan gets used.

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