Street Smart Kidz House

Street Smart Kidz House
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Street Smart Kidz Canada is fundraising towards the development of a “Street Smart Kidz House” for children at risk.

Here at Street Smart Kidz , we are very fortunate to have a incredible staff and even better support group that includes Doctors, Principals, Teachers, RCMP officers, Lawyers and Legal counsel as well as Computer Tech’s and Programmers. Over ten years of FREE service to kids, parents, grand-parents and schools has allowed us to collect the very best in each of these fields. Our resources are used on a daily basis, 24-7-365 by kids and parents across Canada on line.

Yet we have a growing demographic who are looking to use us for help in person. Kids! Literally! Calls from kids in Victoria, Port Alberni, Campbell River and beyond asking for a “safe place to go while I think things out”. Kids who have screwed up, looking for options other than the streets. Kids who feel they can’t face their parents because they made a mistake which they think is a “Mountain” , when really, it’s a “Mole hill”!

Remember when you were 12 years old and got caught stealing $5 bucks from your Dad’s wallet? Or 15 and discovered you were pregnant?

These kids need a “time out” place. A place to think for a day or three. They need to be warm, dry, a full stomach and their options laid out in front of them in a non judgmental way, so they can think their way through the situation to it’s proper conclusion. Face the consequences for their actions, realize their mistakes and move on. Most of all, realize life will move on. Redemption is around the corner and suicide isn’t the answer!

If our kids hit the streets, they WILL fall into the hands of predators. It’s a fact! Just Google stat scan or talk to any RCMP officer!

We don’t have all the answers. We are parents too! But we can give them a “SAFE HOUSE” while they come to their own conclusions, while educating them, giving them the tools they need to make the right decisions as well as showing and teaching them what a life on the streets will mean when they runaway from home.