Safety Videos

The Back Pack Toss Video

The Back Pack Toss is a safety measure which every student should know about, and it's something every parent should teach their children, because it may save their life one day, and it's fun and easy to teach.

The Code Word Video

Have a secret code word, that only you and your child know. When having someone else pick up your child, they must say the code word to the child or the child should refuse to go with them.

Prevent Internet Luring Safety Video

Parents need to get educated on at least the safety part of the internet if they want to know what their kids are up to. Keeping an eye on your kids in cyberspace is like keeping an eye on your kids at the playground. You would keep a really close eye on them when anyone other than another kid interacts with your child. Especially a grown up that showed up to the playground alone without kids.