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What Not To Do If Your Child Is Assaulted

What Not To Do If Your Child Is Assaulted

Street Smart Kidz has had a tough few weeks moving our office, trying to get our phones, cable and internet up and running has been a nightmare. Our order was lost. Then the equipment failed. The long weekend only added to the fun. I’d like to apologize to all of our friends out there, and assure them we have it all fixed and it’s back to Child Safety business as normal.

Another tragedy has happened to one of our children. On Friday evening this last weekend, a 6 year old girl was forced into a forest with her brother and his friend by a man holding a knife on them. After threatening the boys to be quiet and stay put, he then dragged the little girl farther into the woods where he sexually assaulted her. This happened in Surrey, B.C.

The boys managed to get the girl home and told the mother what happened. Instead of calling the Police immediately, the Mother took hours debating with herself on how or whether to tell the Father what happened.

When the Mother finally decided to tell the Father, he also decided not to call the Police. Instead he went around the neighbourhood putting up posters with a vague description of the assailant, inflaming the neighbourhood until someone read one of the posters and called the Police.

We need to discuss common mistakes made during this type of horrific event in the hopes they will never be made again.

  • if your child is assaulted in any way, you MUST call the Police immediately so they have a chance to collect evidence, DNA, examine the crime scene and talk to any witnesses while their memories are fresh and give a description
  • if you don’t call the Police right away, you allow the assailant to continue to roam your neighbourhood, increasing the chances of another child being harmed
  • by calling the Police, your child will get the medical attention she may desperately need
  • it is natural to contemplate revenge, but the time is best spent telling the child it wasn’t her fault, holding her and telling her she is loved
  • by posting a vague description all over the neighbourhood, a innocent man could have been severely beaten or killed

Our hearts go out to the family of this particular this little girl.