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Children and The Church

Good Evening. Happy Belated New Years To Everyone. I hope that all went well and you have many great memories to look back on. Many thanks to all the Law Enforcement Officers who spent New Years in the cold, wind, rain and snow to keep all of us safe.

Our first column of the year will broach a very sensitive subject. I can assure you that I have spent many hours in research on this subject and even though controversial, I have wanted to write this column for a long time, I have my facts straight, cross matched and then checked again.

I have read hundreds of articles concerning Child Safety while attending church: some from noted scholars, some from victims, some from noted Bishops. One article came straight from the Vatican, as excerpts, from the Pope who is currently trying to hold his Church together.

I find it very interesting that the most damming articles were written 20 years ago, by survivors of sexual abuse in Ireland. Unfortunately this issue was largely ignored then. The Catholic Church has been brought to it’s knees now by the same type of evidence. During that 20 year “black-out” over 21,000 children were sexually abused and raped. The Pope first denied it and then later admitted it. Finally he, and I quote, stated that payments “to victims will help erase this blight”.

Can anyone explain to me what a blight is and how $1,016 pounds per victim makes a blight go away?

Ireland is a nightmare for catholic church abuse issues. Yet it doesn’t touch the destruction done by the priests in the United States. The Milwaukee Catholic Church filed bankruptcy today, January 4th, 2011 because it couldn’t meet it’s Sexual Abuse payments. Unbelievable!

The victims deserve better. Good luck to all.

Today the Catholic Church is worth over 9 billion dollars. I do not see any act of charity or justice from the Catholic Church for their victims at this time. All we can hope for is that they are forced to become accountable and to make amends to the people they have victimized.

Take your kids to Church. No matter what faith you may be. But go with them — NEVER let go of their hand. Once again, NEVER let go of their hand. Mom or Dad should attend Sunday school and other church activities without exception. WITH OUT EXCEPTION!

There has been 192,045 documented cases of Child Sexual Abuse in Canada, on Church property since 1975.

Think about it.

You should be concerned, in fact, we should all be concerned!

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