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Christmas Safety Tips For Parents

Christmas Safety Tips For Parents

Good Morning Parents. Our last installment of the year is and always will be Christmas Safety. We will be out handing out FREE Child Safety Booklets and business cards to our parents for the month of December. We are still seeing the same problems with Parents and their Children. Please give this a quick read and save your Holidays. Protect your children!

Remember how excited your kids are getting about the BIG DAY! They will forget Parking Lot Rules, running to toy rules, running to Santa rules upon seeing him or the second they see that new shiny toy at the top of their list in the store window they are gone! When taking them shopping, hold on for dear life. I’ve seen things during the last 14 days that made my strong heart stop. Whenever possible, this is the time to play the “Grandparent card”, or Aunt & Uncle card. Leave them at home or drop them off with a safe Adult. DON’T TAKE THEM TO THE MALL!

If you do take your children to the mall:

1) hold your children’s hand tightly in the parking lots and streets, you never know what will catch their eye and have them darting off between cars or into a crowd

2) NEVER leave your child/children in a un-attended car, even if it’s only “for a minute”, if discovered you will be charged

3) have you talked to your kids about what to do if you get separated? they should go to the closest open cash register they see and tell the clerk they are lost and NOT MOVE from that spot, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS until you arrive

4) when using the washroom at the mall, either go in with them, or stand at the door until they come out, if it seems like they have been in there too long, open the door a crack and ask if everything is OK, forget embarrassment, this is your child

Are you visiting Relatives or Friends with your children over the Holidays?

1) Have you reminded Grandma & Grandpa about house safety and how important it is to your family? Christmas 2009 had 1,611 Emergency Hospital visits on December 25th, children aged 2 to 5 in Canada.

2) Are all the medicines and poisons out of reach?

3) Do they have child gates or should you bring your own?

4) Do they have electrical outlet covers or should you bring yours?

5) Do they have a pool? Check ALL safety procedures.

6) Do they have pets? Are the pets used to excitable children? Is there a way of separating them for the few hours of your visit?

7) Are there small objects like hard candy or nuts in bowls where small children can get at them? If so, just raise them to a higher shelf for your visit.

8) Are there weapons in the house? If so, are they stored safely?

9) If children are receiving gifts, immediately discard all plastic wrapping, bows and ribbons, which sometimes are more interesting than the new gift, but in reality are VERY DEADLY when put in the mouth

Which Brings us Christmas Tree’s and Toys!

When giving toys to children, try to help prevent toy related injuries and deaths by using common sense, reading labels and being safety conscious. The following tips will help you choose appropriate toys this holiday season and all year round.

1) For infants, toddlers and all small children who still mouth objects, avoid toys with small parts which could cause fatal choking

2) For all children under age eight, avoid toys with sharp edges and points

3) Select toys to suit the age, abilities, skills and interest level of the child. Ask the child’s parent for advice.

4) Don’t purchase electric toys with heating elements for children under the age of ten


6) Look for labels that give age recommendations

7) Look for sturdy construction

8) Check instructions for clarity. They should be clear to you and the child

Did you know, Christmas Tree’s are the #1 reason for visits from the Fire Department or to the Veterinary Office over the Holidays?

1) Always turn off outdoor, indoor and Christmas Tree lights before you go to bed or before leaving home

2) NEVER use candles on your tree

3) Keep space heaters away from the tree, curtains, bedding material and presents

4) Make sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working

5) When putting up your tree, make sure it’s very secure because you can’t depend on a tree stand alone when you have young children and/or pets. Secure it to a wall with string, rope or wire

6) Make the “Go Green” people happy by purchasing a tree you can replant after the Holidays. Great lesson for the kids!

During the next few weeks, traffic will be slow! Many drivers will be on the road who shouldn’t be. Seems they dust off the 1972 Gremlin only for X-mas shopping. Have patience. When they take two parking spots, smile.

When you are going through a Law Enforcement Check Stop, smile and be thankful these dedicated men and women are out there. Toss them a “BIG SMILE” and thank GOD they are out there, because somewhere in Canada, you have relatives you love very much. These men and women are doing their best to get them home. You owe them a smile!

Happy Holidays, from

Street Smart Kidz of Canada!