Comox Lions Club & SSK Problems Persist

Hello Parents. The following will document the very serious issues that remain unresolved between the Comox Lions Club and Street Smart Kidz of Canada. I can honestly say, SSK has done everything in it’s power to repair the damage done by this group, yet we keep being rebuffed or ignored. As the most in demand instructor for SSK, it hurts me personally that I can’t find resolution to this issue. Perhaps it was meant to be, a additional tool for our “Tool Box” in teaching kids conflict resolution. Maybe not. Here are the current facts on the one year anniversary of a “Community Service Group” losing it’s mind.

  1. to review or get up to speed on what happened November 18th, 2013, read the above facts disputed by no one for the last year, or read the condensed version provided below, which includeds the “Lions District” & “Lions Zone” participation, or rather their inaction to a very serious “VERBAL ASSAULT” conducted on two members and one paid pledge who refused to join after seeing how the then Executive treated volunteers
  2. Pres. Patty was off sick. First Vice Terri was conducting the meeting. As First Vice Terri conducted the meeting , she had Treasurer Ernie to her left, Past Pres Teona to her right on the Head Table.
  3. Meeting started well. Then quickly turned into anarchy when Terri unleashed Teona onto the volunteer’s. Teona was released at our group, swearing at us, calling us vicious names, swearing and threatening us. Having worked with our RCMP hand in hand, as a human being and someone who devotes his life to teaching kids, I knew this was WRONG! I was not alone. While we were being called filth, F86k./g M3$t D9^w A$$h-l-s to our face, in public, in front of our fellow volunteers. “Are you so *u#kin^ dumb, you don’t know a “Meat Draw “license means nothing ? It’s all in the Bingo money! “Meat Draw” is courtesy for losers!
  4. We have SEVEN members who will testify in court what happened November 18th, 2013. We also have audio! I wish we had “Visual”, the thought of putting Teona on youTube swearing at us break’s me up, although I will be able to depict her frothing at the mouth actions as described by our witnesses, as we will Pres. Elect. Terri who stood at the podium, watching her attack unit do what she wanted while standing by, not controlling her meeting, but directing it through vicious hate.
  5. THE ENTIRE SCENE, NAMES INCLUDED will be/are the opening scenes of a magnificeint video! Watch for this video on our YouTube station soon. With two even more shocking video’s to follow:
  6. How the Judge Brian Stevenson Award was given “back”, after being revoked by Comox Lions, to “Past President Teona” of The Comox Lions Club is a National and International embarrassment and disgrace of epic proportions to the “Lions Club” brand! If and when, Lions International ever finds out about November 18th, 2013, “Past President Teona” & her master “Past President Terri” will be stripped of all awards and asked to quietly leave Lions, there by deleting all the Lions Club and Community damage they have done. Only then will The Comox Lions have a chance to grow and The Monarch Lions of Courtenay, a absolutely wonderful, giving , loving , respectful group, devoid of hate, be able to completely dis-associate itself from the “crazies on the hill”.
  7. Please look up how prestiguos this award is. Does Teona deserve it?
  8. SSK has worked with Lions and Lioness Coast to Coast over the last 10 years. We have found 95% of everyone we have worked with, ate with, learned from and taught to be incredible people. SSK has searched it’s soul on whether to talk about this horrible situation and a frightening evening that happened to involve two SSK Directors and two SSK volunteers.
  9. Now. Right Now. Lions International needs to decide what they are going to do about this situation. Clean it up, then we all move on and talk about Lions Quest like we should be doing. It’s a incredible program Street Smart Kidz of Canada really wants to promote. But we are NOT going to promote an anti-bullying campaign, while being sworn at, threatened and abused by a fringe element within the wonderful group who controls a superior program that all Canadians should be made aware of.
  10. Let’s get this cleaned up! We can work together on this and move on in a day! But please, don’t insult us by sending “Reverend Al” again. Even your rogue “Club” thought he was inappropriate, unprepared, inadequate and insincere in every way.
  11. We have twelve ( 12 ) people , past and current Lions who will discuss this with anyone willing to address this situation. It’s 14 months and counting.