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Don’t Be A Ostrich

Don’t Be A Ostrich

When I had the vision of putting Street Smart Kidz together, I wanted it to be a proactive, fun place to go to for current, up to date information on how to keep our kids safe, using educational tools that taught life skills. Open 24hrs a day to parents and kids.

NO scare tactics. NO horror stories. NO scared straight mentality.

Just honest common sense. You can’t feed a child of today a line of garbage. There’s too much information out there at their finger tips. They know when your trying to con them 5 minutes after it comes out of your mouth, or 10 minutes after hitting the playground the next day.

My vision was a place I wish I could have gone to when I was a kid. My sisters and mother could have gone there and we would have been protected. A place where innocence was saved and the monsters that go bump in the night are always defeated.

Living in 2009, watching the news and being interviewed after each horror, I sometimes feel like all were doing is trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon. There is just so much evil. It’s overwhelming, and many parents have told me they refuse to watch the news.

I must admit, after listening to what happened Tracy, California this last week, I too decided I couldn’t watch the news anymore either. When the story broke, I was dumb founded. I then broke down and cried for what seemed like hours. I got myself together only to fall apart again after clicking onto the memorial by mistake.

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, a glorious, soul saving story came out of Vancouver. A Montreal fathers daughter, missing for more than 2 years, called 911 from a Vancouver Train Station. She was picked up immediately and is safe, and looking forward to her reunion with her father. This story filled my heart with joy.

I’ve been walking around with a grin ever since this story broke.

Good news, just when I needed it most. As parents we can’t turn off the news or cancel the paper.

We can’t do the Ostrich.

We must teach and provide all the tools we have available to our children to keep them safe.

Educate them, don’t scare them.

Educate yourself!

Don’t give up!