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Energy Drink Dangers Parents Need To Know

Energy Drink Dangers Parents Need To Know

Good morning parents. This week I’d like to talk to you about a growing, dangerous trend involving our children aged 10 to 16 years of age. It’s effecting their health, attitudes, grades and emotional development. It’s a drug. It’s legal. It’s sold at every gas station and corner store in Canada and the United States and can be purchased by anyone at any age. I watched a 5 year old come out of a 7-11 with one with her big brother this week.

We are talking about the so-called Energy Drink!

It’s a huge craze going on right now and I haven’t been able to find a 15 year old in the last two months who hasn’t had one. Ask your kids, friends kids, relatives kids, they have all tried it. Half of my 12 year old’s friends have tried it. It’s the new “smoking trend for the so-called cool kids”, and it’s just as dangerous.

Were you aware, one “Energy Drink” is the equivalent of drinking 10 cans of soda or twice as much as the total daily recommended caffeine intake for ADULTS, which is 3 eight ounce cups of coffee?

These products are very cheap to produce and give the manufacturers outstanding profit which means their advertising budgets are incredible and these campaigns are geared towards our kids and especially our young males aged 12 to 18. Please visit their websites. You will find bikini clad women, X-Game hero’s, Rock Stars, snow and skate boarding videos of world champions proclaiming how “cool” you will be by consuming their product.

These marketing campaigns make beer commercials look lost and out of date. Their websites are stunning. Please visit the following top 4 producers to see what I’m talking about.

*Red Bull –
*Monster –
*Rockstar –
*Sobe –

When you visit these sites, after being bombed by X game hero’s and nearly naked women, try and find the ingredients of their product. It’s either not listed or unavailable or it’s a broken link when you find it and click on it. Or do what I did. Visit a store and read the ingredients. Caffeine is number one with a bullet. It’s a drug. It’s addictive. It harms children in their growing stages.

Kids are currently using these products to stay awake at sleepovers, boost performances at school sporting events and do homework. Sound familiar? What is Sobe selling when they name their “Energy Drinks” 3 Sum, Bawls, Cocaine, Crunk, Hair of the Dog, Pimp Juice, Wired, Who’s Your Daddy and Reload?

So now we have kids some addicted to caffeine. Ever try breaking the caffeine habit? Tough wasn’t it? So now you get to help your child break the habit. Ever try herding goldfish? Try herding jittery, caffeinated teenage fish. Good luck!

Please visit the Canadian Medical Association Journal, , for more on this topic and some outstanding advice on how to help your child beat this addiction