Found at Last…Victoria Stafford

It has now been confirmed that the O.P.P. (Ontario Provincial Police) have found the remains of 8 year old Victoria Stafford just outside of Mount Forest, Ontario.

Last Wednesday would have been her ninth birthday.

Maybe now, Tara and Rodney Stafford can find some closure, and Victoria can finally come home to rest. I’m feeling much the same as the hundreds of people logging on to news sites to voice their opinion on this horrific crime:

I’m torn up over the OPP questioning of the parents for days. I realize the Police were doing their job, but I still feel ill because the parents had to go through it.

I’m angry McClintick was able to spend a few extra days outside taking helicopter rides until the Police caught on to her game. So far she has confessed, promised to show Police where the body is, and now claims she can’t remember what happened.

Ultimately, the courts will decide what to believe, hand down the sentence and the story will be over, as far as the newspapers are concerned.

But for a lot of us, the story will live on in our beings because this beautiful little girl touched our hearts and the senselessness of this crime absolutely boggled our minds.

The calls for castration, gas chamber and firing squad have already begun, and I suspect will continue for the next couple of weeks. Things will slowly return to normal in our lives, until the trial starts sometime in 2010 or, Heaven forbid, we lose another child. Then the process will begin all over again.

It’s my hope, that as a society, we take the time to educate our children to be survivors before we start demanding the death penalty.

You , as a parent, can start today setting up a “family code word ” and by teaching your children to ” never go with anyone who doesn’t know the secret code word”. There are also an enormous amount of information regarding child safety issues available on our site as well as lots of other internet sites. So we encourage you to search out child safety information and when you find it – use it – everything/anything you do will help.