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Free Childrens ID Kit

Free Childrens ID Kit


About The ID Kit Information:

Remember, finger prints, DNA samples and photos by themselves will not keep your child safe, but it will provide vital information if your child ever goes missing.

Complete it, up-date it often, and keep it in a safe place. You might want to fill out these documents with your child by asking the questions and letting your child provide the answers. That way you will find out what you need to teach.

If your child asks why you are doing this, simply say, “So we will have all the information about you all in one place in case of an emergency”.

Update photographs and record new height and weight measurements every six months for younger children and at least yearly after the age of six. In completing this document you have prepared for a most unlikely emergency.

Click to view the “How To Use The Child Safety ID Kit” Video.

Download the Free Childrens ID Kit

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