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Halloween Safety Tips

The excitement of Halloween is already upon us. The stores are full of costumes and the TV is running an endless stream of spooky commercials. Which means it’s time to get prepared to make Halloween a safe and wonderful experience for children and parents.

By following these simple suggestions we can create wonderful memories for everyone:

  • masks can be dangerous as they are hard to see through and tend to slip and slid around the face, a safer alternative is non-toxic make-up
  • make sure your kids go out with a full stomach, it will help stop snacking along the way
  • a few days before Halloween, start talking about how dangerous it is to eat ANY TREAT, before it’s checked by an adult, and keep mentioning it until it’s drilled into their minds, you can’t say it enough
  • candles, jack-o-lanterns, matches and lighters are all fire hazards, large costumes can be hard to control and a child may not realize how close they are to flames so talk to them about STOP, DROP & ROLL and keep the matches and lighters out of reach
  • when deciding on a costume, consider if they will be warm enough, long costumes can cause tripping, swords, knives and other accessories should be made of flexible material for everyone’s safety
  • costumes, beards, wigs and hats should be flame resistant, read the label
  • no matter how much your child may protest, put reflective tape on your child’s costume, ankles and elbows
  • make sure all your children have a small flashlight when they go out, visit the dollar store near you
  • when the children bring home their treats, discard all homemade or baked products that are not commercially wrapped, discard all fruit and thoroughly check over everything remaining, it’s just not worth the risk
  • remove all choking hazards, peanuts, gum, hard candies or small toys
  • if your child is 10 or under they should go out with a adult, 11 or 12 they should/MUST tell you their exact route before leaving
  • tell your children to stay in well lit areas and NEVER go inside a house, or visit a house with out a light on
  • tell your children to NEVER go inside a car
  • children should walk, not run from house to house
  • if kids are not going out with adults, they should be going out with a buddy or two
  • tell your children to always use cross-walks and never cross half way down the block or in between cars and to use sidewalks whenever possible
  • keep your pets inside, in a calm area of the house, away from all the excitement at the door
  • if possible, stay in your own neighbourhood and look out for ALL the kids
  • if your out driving, GO SLOW, CONCENTRATE and EXPECT THE UN-EXPECTED!

Street Smart Kidz of Canada wishes all kids young and old a fun filled, safe and spooky Halloween!