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Your Valuables Or Your Life

Your Valuables Or Your Life

Good Morning Parents.

“The Valuables or your Life” video was made to show children what to do if they are ever robbed on the street. Here in Canada, we average 16 children a day being robbed and countless others go unreported. We wanted to give our children the proper tools to deal with this situation as well as tell them what not to do.

If your child is ever robbed, tell them to “JUST GIVE IT UP “! Thats right. Just give it up.

Make sure they know they are much more important than any Ipod, cell phone, bicycle or jacket. These items can always be replaced. A child can’t be.

Teach your child, if ever confronted, to just put the “wanted” item on the ground between them and the robber, while saying ” no problem, I don’t want any trouble”.

As soon as the item is on the ground, they should start moving backwards and after a few steps, turn and run to the nearest store, friends house or home and immediately call the Police.

  • Never hand it to the robber: as they could be grabbed by the robber
  • Don’t throw it at the robber: this has caused many children to be hurt when the impaired/high robber immediately became upset
  • Don’t throw it away: although some Parents teach this method to their kids believing this will give their children time to run by distancing them from the robber as he or she “plays fetch”, statistics show 50% of the time this works. The other 50% the robber becomes enraged and takes it out on the child, forgetting the item altogether.

Most street robberies are committed by drug addicts who can be very unpredictable and are only interested in getting more drugs, not harming a child.

So teach your kids to “Just Give It Up”!

For further information see our video “Your Valuables Or Your Life” on the subject.