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Local TV Important to the “Amber Alert Program”

I hope all of you had a safe and pleasant Holidays to end 2009 and are looking forward with hope and promise to 2010 which will be a fabulous year. On a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone who sent “Get Well Soon” emails during the last few weeks. They really helped speed up my recovery and I appreciated every single one. Thank You!

I’d like to start this New Year by asking everyone to find a few moments this week and take a look at the website. This website is trying to save local television stations and their funding. The CRTC is conducting hearings, The Canadian Government is conducting hearings, special interest groups are everywhere conducting protest and there’s an abundance of “OP-ED’s” being published everywhere.

As you are aware, Street Smart Kidz doesn’t get involved in politics or big business. We stick to Parenting and Child Safety issue’s.

This is a Child Safety issue!

By eliminating our local television stations, we are impeding the AMBER ALERT PROGRAM! The key to the AMBER ALERT PROGRAM being successful is media saturation that a Child is in trouble. Specialty channels like TSN, Bravo or A&E don’t run AMBER ALERTS. Our big networks like CTV, CBC and Global don’t run AMBER ALERTS. It’s our local stations that run our AMBER ALERTS!

So whatever side of the fence you reside on concerning this issue, please consider our kids. Canada and/or the CRTC can save money in other area’s. I suggest looking at their expense accounts, which I shared with our local Member of Parliament. Please consider contacting your Member of Parliament about this very important issue.