Meet Our Street Smart Kidz’ Super Heros


The following individuals are Street Smart Kidz Super Hero’s!

They have received a award & the following recognition because in their own way, they have furthered the advance of “Child Safety” in Canada and the world. Yes, the world! As of July 1st, 2014, our FREE Child ID Kit has been downloaded 1,000,000 times during the last 10 years, from 127 Countries! This doesn’t include the FREE kits we have mailed out, or the kits we have allowed Boys & Girls Clubs to copy and use for FREE as a fund raising tool. Or Lions, Rotary, Kinsmen/Kinette’s, Elk’s. Or Investors Group Inc. , BMO & so many more.

We have watched “Child Safety ” groups come and go during our 10 years. We supported many. We turned many down. SSK has watched over 200 groups crash and burn. It Doesn’t mean we are any better, means we had SOLID groups and individuals get on board, believe and recognize our FREE message. Child Safety Has No Price! If they charge for info, the following group of people disagree. If you can’t find what you need in our Library, email us , we will get you the information or direct you to it! Hug your child! Now!

Our Super Hero’s!

  • Courtenay Mazda – “Barry Davis has been a long time supporter of Street Smart Kidz Canada, we are very proud to be associated with him and the Mazda Team. If your thinking of buying a car, make sure you visit Barry on your journey of comparative shopping. He’s worth the trip to our Valley!” – Steven Baird
  • Adil Amlani & his team @ Sure Copy, Courtenay BC – has always believed in this project and backed us when we had nothing in the bank.
  • Barry VanDusen , Tammy, Johnny and crew @ The Whistle Stop – wonderful supporters
  • Bodhi & Blue Sky Web Designs – who have gladly picked up the baton to lead us forward from our 10 year anniversary into the future
  • Cara @ – whose love and support helped us grow from day one
  • Jade , whose constant love, criticism and friends were always there to keep us relevant & honest
  • Total WP Support for providing ongoing care for our website including updates, maintenance, support, security and back ups.
  • Ken Pickett & Family, whose financial support, counsel & opinions have kept us floating while we watched 100’s of so-called “Child Safety” groups fold during the last 10 years
  • Kelly Bedford for all the technical and consulting support
  • Principal Goodwin, wonderful advice
  • Principal Alcott , wonderful advice
  • Principal Wester, wonderful advice
  • Principal Lyons , wonderful advice
  • Principal Timms, wonderful advice
  • ACS Computer Solutions, great tech advice and support as well as guest columns
  • & The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, a simple “thank you & God Bless”
  • Tyler @ , great work, advice & support
  • Covenant House Vancouver, SSK absolutely loves this group, their results speak volumes
  • and Jeannie Spencer, for her tireless personal, professional & financial support of SSK & the SSK family
  •, Robert has always answered the call when we needed help
  • Kinsmen Club of Kelowna, great club, great people & a pleasure to deal with
  • Barrie Police Service, wonderful resource, always ready to share advice, council us & hold nothing back
  • , to know/meet Robin is to love her, to read Robin is to respect her, to work with her is one of life’s luxuries
  • Judi Pedder, wonderful supporter & neighbour
  • Elmer The Safety Elephant, been around for decades, great place for kids 3 to 6 to visit, lots SSK material on there, great rainy day website
  • Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers, we love this group, it sets the standard for Community Service
  •, wonderful partners in Child Safety, a FANTASTIC concept which we support & promote
  • Comox Valley Lions Club
  • Chad Webber , one of our early pioneers, we miss you, wherever you are
  • Chris Jones & the Future Shop crew in Courtenay BC, thank you for helping us get 56,731 FREE Child Safety Booklets out into the community
  • Anna Jorgensen , has always picked up the phone when we needed help, God Bless her and the Jorgensen Team
  • Little Warriors, a interesting, obscure website run by Stefan Verstappen, where you can always find nuggets of “self or family” safety –
  • Naomi teWinkel @, SSK owns and loves her creations designed for kids, she has been a supporter from our very early days
  • Port Alberni Kinsmen Club – We have worked with this group for years, teaching kids in their Hut, doing Free Child Safety Seminars, FREE ID Kits & Video’s viewed by thousands of kids across Canada, this gruff & burly group of men are the example of whats right and working in todays Community Service groups, we could all learn from their example, Steven Baird
  • Complete Auto Centre, Keith Hawkins, Son & Crew are have & continue to be great supporters , visit them
  • Glenn Forbes , owner/operator of Malahat Landscaping, in my opinion, Vancouver Islands Best Landscaping Business period, has been a wonderful advisor & friend for years, always there to give us a compliment or pat on the back through good and bad, he hasn’t a website because he doesn’t need one, his waiting list is months in advance and only for friends or referrals because he’s that good
  • Dr. Douglas J. Kibblewhite & Staff, rarely do you find in the world, let alone Canada or BC, a Doctor who understands our kids problems, issue’s, fears, night sweats and what the root causes are. This man gives hope to parents and more importantly, kids! His demeanor is strange at first glance to parents, but kids GRAVITATE to this magician. He follows through. His staff are beyond your dreams of hope for your child. His Office Manager could run Ford/GM. There are incredible Doctors out there. In every Province. Look. Dig. Dig deeper. Be relentless. Find your Kibblewhite wherever you live.
  • Pauline Martin
  • Jim Brady
  • Chuck Ruest & better half Teresa
  • Steven Jacklin
  • Vicki Hansen
  • Cliff Fahselt
  • Brittany Plummer
  • Ashley Macfarlane
  • Craig Gagne, & Staff of Fountain Tire of Courtenay, BC
  • Alison Canning
  • Christine Procopio

Any person or business that would like to help please contact us at:

Street Smart Kidz
327 Torrence Road
Comox, BC
V9M 3C5