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Nanny Cam’s

During the last few months, due to recent events in Toronto and Winnipeg, Street Smart Kidz has received hundreds of request for information about “Nanny Cam’s”. Where to purchase? How much do they cost? Are they legal? Do I have to tell my sitter they are being watched?

I have spent 3 months asking questions to lawyers, Police and other experts and Street Smart Kidz is ready to provide answers to Canada. This advice is good in Canada only, we apologize to all of our other friends but trust you will understand. It took 3 months to sort out 10 Provinces. I can’t imagine trying to sort out 48 States.

You must check the laws in your individual Province as to whether a “Nanny Cam” is legal to record what is happening in your home, with your child, while being cared for, by a employee, while you are not present. Remember, your employee has more “RIGHTS” than your infant or child has.

ADT, a well respected company is available in Canada but you must be part of the ADT program, fire, theft and so on. Great company if you want the entire package and you can contact them at where you will find many other programs and options as well as great customer service. For those of us who can’t afford a complete protection program, myself included,

I’d like to tell you about a company called EZ Watch Pro and you can find them at where they have incredible operators waiting for your call. As far as I’m concerned, the outstanding product takes a back seat to the customer service. You are not allowed to be unhappy! They will not allow you to hang up the phone unless you are happy! That’s how good they are!

Street Smart Kidz believes in upholding our laws. We believe in obeying our Court decisions. We believe in protecting our children. We also believe parents should be able to take a 3 hour break for dinner and know our kids are safe. We believe in NANNY CAMS! If your Province doesn’t or is unsure, we are here and we will help. Get the Nanny Cam and be safe.

Be confident when you go out. Have your employee or child care provider sign a document saying they may be monitored at anytime. If they don’t sign, don’t hire them!

Talk to EZ Watch Pro. Look them up at and call them. Ask them if they can help your fear of going out. Great company. Great people. If you ever get charged for having a NANNY CAM in a common area, trying to protect your children, call us immediately and tell us your story! We can help.