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Outside Safety Tips For Summer

Here a few things you can do to make this summer the best yet, by having fun yet avoiding the Emergency Room Doctors office, etc, etc…

Remember these safety tips to prevent injuries so you can stay in the game all summer:

  • wear protective gear, such as helmets, protective pads, cups, and other gear as necessary
  • warm-up first, by getting your muscle’s ready to play, you will prevent injuries
  • know the rules, what’s legal and what’s not, this will keep everyone safe
  • watch out for others, and communicate with your team mates, if your part of the out field, “call” for the ball to avoid a collision
  • always wear sunscreen
  • drink lots of water, but only from YOUR bottle, that way you will avoid germs
  • Whether it’s daycare, summer camp, instructional schools or a babysitter, make sure they have all of your child’s medical information, such as allergies, family Doctors name and phone numbers etc…
  • When interviewing babysitters, camps, sports schools, or anyone else who will be caring for your child, get references x 3 for everyone who will be in contact with your child, this is NOT excessive, it’s your responsibility to protect your child, Street Smart Kidz provides reference check sheets FREE of charge on our home page, print as many as you would like
  • Will someone ALWAYS be on site who has a First Aid Certificate?
  • What is their Pick Up-Drop Off policy? Get a copy of it. Remind your child of the “Code Word” policy in your family. You can find it in our “Articles” section
  • Make sure who ever has your child, can contact at least one parent at all times
  • Sit down with your kids, and remind them of the “safe” play rules such as: don’t dive head first unless you know how deep the water is, always wear your bike helmet, cross the road at the cross walks etc…
  • Remember sunscreen, insect repellants and sunglasses, if they are going outside, they will need at least one of these.
  • If they are in any type of boat, they MUST wear a life jacket
  • BBQ’s – little hands and arms – enough said Last but not least, the Toy of Broken Bones:
  • THE TRAMPOLINE! Supervise the use of this potentially dangerous toy. Check any Emergency Unit employee, Nurse or Doctor. They will tell you, it’s the #1 cause of visits to them, age group 5 to 14, and that’s Canada wide. I have no words of wisdom, or answers when it comes to this particular toy, except think twice before you buy one. In all fairness, my daughter has a close friend, who she visits all the time who owns a trampoline. She’s never been hurt. Nor has anyone else who has played on it. Which has forced me to come to this conclusion. Either a guardian “Angel” lives under this particular trampoline, or the kids who visit this particular house are supervised superbly.

Please remember to print one of our FREE Emergency Phone list, fill it out, put it in a Zip-lock bag and put it in your child’s bag when ever they go camping, swimming, hiking or any of the other great summer activities. You can print off as many as you need from the link above or our Home page.

There is a GREAT “Are You Ready For Summer” quiz located on the website. I took it and scored 13 out of 20. I learned a lot and highly recommend you take it when you have a moment. It’s located at Pediatrics, .

Have fun in the sun and stay safe.