Parents! Don’t Get Ripped Off By Con Artist!!!!!

A woman & her daughter from Pittsburgh, USA, has stolen our Trademarked name & Copyrighted Material & created a game which she is selling on iTunes & googleapp’s for money!

That’s right parents! The very same product we have been giving away for FREE for 11+ years is now being charged $ for. They started doing this in October of last year. If you visit her fb page, you will see she tried to hide from us by using 3 different variations of “OUR” name, before finding she wasn’t selling her game. Then she went under our exact name, thinking she could con you.

When we confronted her, she said she invented her game in 1988, then changed her fb page to “start” in 1988! Her new “back story” is she invented a board game in 88′ to teach her kids to be safe. Yet she doesn’t have any pictures of them using it in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, only the last year.

All our material on , has been written by myself, other Directors, Teachers, Law Enforcement, Doctors & been approved by every level of Government in Canada & the USA! They have stolen from all of us! Never asked, which we have given approval for usage to schools, Victim Services, newspapers, magazines around the world, in over 50 languages! Never asked us! The most disgusting thing of all, is they are trying to make money selling a product WE HAVE NEVER CHARGED FOR!!!!! They are the lowest form of life on our planet!! We teach for FREE across Canada & the US for 11 yrs, they go to malls & fairs and sell our info for a profit and give nothing back.

Most of our SSK group were victims as kids, including myself, so we wanted to get as much info out as possible, so other kids never went through what we did! Imagine our rage upon finding someone making a profit on our personal horrors & memories! Imagine our shock too find , Suzanne Sibole on Twitter, & game developer Don Austin, Executive Vice President of Zco Corp. couldn’t even Google Street Smart Kidz, before talking to these two women. They would have seen a illustrious history of FREE “Child Safety” taught coast to coast! Instead , they just care about the cash.

If your wondering why we haven’t sued these two thiefs, it cost a minimum of $50,000 to retain an “International Lawyer” to haul them into court! As a non profit, that’s 2 years of our budget or 150 schools given FREE seminars! And as one of our most fav people in this entire world said this week, “don’t worry about it Steven, Karma has a way with people”! Thanks Brittany! We all love you! And all of our parents, kids, teachers & volunteers!

Steven Baird, Managing Director, of The Real Street Smart Kidz, The FREE One!