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Parents Set The Example

Parents Set The Example

There was a outstanding story in the papers this week, coming out of Airdrie, Alberta. Seems a set of parents, were concerned about their child’s behavior, checked out what the child was doing on the computer lately, and discovered a predator was stalking their child.

They contacted the quick thinking Airdrie RCMP, who were then able to apprehend the predator, who is now in custody. Great Job, to the parents! Great follow thru, to the RCMP! In light of these events, Street Smart Kidz is going to re-visit our Jan. 14th-2008, Tip of the Week and give everyone a few questions to
think about.

What are the signs my child might be at risk to a on-line predator?

  • your child spends large amounts of time on-line, especially at night
  • your child closes the laptop, or shuts down the computer when someone enters the room
  • you find pornography on your child’s/family computer
  • your child receives phone calls, sometimes long distance, to numbers you don’t recognize
  • your child receives mail, small gifts, or packages from someone you don’t know
  • your child becomes withdrawn from the family
  • your child is using an on-line account belonging to someone else

If you have concerns or questions about any of the above, great places to contact are,, your local RCMP or us at We will help any way we can!