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Report Card Time

Report Card Time

It’s an event all parents look forward to. SCHOOL REPORT CARDS! It’s the first report card of the new year and a wonderful opportunity to open up the communication lines with the folks who spend so much time with your child by setting up a Teacher/Parent Conference to discuss the results.

You can discuss study habits, study area’s, how to teach your child to properly manage their time, before and after school activities and so much more. The teacher will have many parents to talk to so by being prepared before your conference you will be able to make the most of the few minutes you will have together.

As A Parent You Can Be Prepared By . . .

  • talk to your child about his or her thoughts and feelings about school
  • write down any questions you have about your child’s development
  • share your views at the conference
  • ask how you can support and extend your child’s learning
  • talk about 2 or 3 things that you feel your child has done well and discuss with the teacher and your child to set one goal for future learning at the conference
  • arrange alternate care for younger siblings – school age siblings should wait in the hallway so that the attention is completely focused on the child at the conference

Teachers Should Be Prepared By. . .

  • assist the child to coordinate materials for the conference
  • discuss with each child their celebrations and goals, help the children write down these ideas in their school planners
  • write down any questions they may have about the child
  • listen to all parents and child comments and questions
  • develop future learning goals with the parent and child
  • offer specific suggestions on how to support your child’s learning at home

The Student Should Be Prepared By. . .

  • prepare a plan for the conference by writing down what they would like to talk about
  • set their own personal goals and participate with their parents and teachers in setting future goals

Whether the report card is good or bad, please use this opportunity to learn about your child and how they interact with teachers and class mates.

Find ways to help your child improve their next report card. It’s another great reason to turn off the TV and get involved.