Saving money for kids

SSK 2015-2016 School Year Theme: “Saving Money”

Street Smart Kidz of Canada announces the 2015-2016 School Year Theme:

“Saving Money”

Although we will always give complete focus to Child Safety through out the school year, we are going to expand our information sharing to include saving, budgeting and the importance of money in our children’s daily lives and their futures.

Lets start the good habits now. Lets teach responsibility now.

If we don’t, get used to the next 40 years of saying, “not until your chores are done”.

An exciting contest will be announced on the SSK Facebook page next week.

Thats right! We are going to get into the trenches with our parents. Our parents on Facebook!

Only members will win & we need over 300 Facebook members before we can give away our $150 of Canadian Mint Treasure. A starter coin set that will motivate any child into respecting and saving money with their parents guidance.

We have a “Canadian Mint” give away every month this school year if we meet our Facebook quota, so tell everyone you know, to join us now for exciting prizes!