I’d like to share with our parents a new and very twisted way some of our kids are being exploited this year. It seems the truly sick and disgusting have come across a new way to terrorize our teenagers in 2015. Both boys & girls are potential victims. And because it involves a topic both parents and kids “CAN’T” talk about, or won’t talk about, sex, this scam is mushrooming across North America. It’s called “SEXTORTION”!

It’s very sick and disgusting in concept! It has many shades of Amanda Todd written all over it and whats worse is the perpetrators show even less mercy than was ever shown Amanda Todd!

This Editorial is for parents and teens everywhere. Victims of this “scam” have been grade #9 to grade #12 through out Canada and the USA. We know for a fact it’s been run on College Campuses through out the USA and Canada, yet reporting is spotty so far. We believe because College students are much more Tech savvy and are not a fertile hunting ground like our High Schools. Time will tell. Every Province and 37 States have reported this scam in it’s news outlets , yet parents and victims are too ashamed to talk about it. Now if parents and victim’s who have already been scammed are horrified by this subject, imagine how hard it is to shine a light on it. Imagine how hard it would be if these scum bags were exposed and had to work in the light of day? Thats what were going to do. Shed some light.

In Feb of 2015 a young man from a very religious family was busy planning his own suicide. He thought he needed to die because he had shamed himself, by being caught doing something disgusting to himself, while in his parents home, just eight weeks earlier over x-mas break.

It all started for “John” when he went home for X-mas. Girlfriend was at her parents. One night his parents went to bed, he pulled out his IPad. Went surfing. Along his internet travels, he clicked on , instant chatroom. Very quickly he was in a one on one chat room, with a “hot blond” who “got me really hot with her language”. Said she was 25, in New York and wanted to see him immediately. While texting him this info, she undressed and showcased herself to him. Out of the blue, she suggested they have “one on one” time on, gave him a contact, then terminated the conversation.

A curious 17 year old was hooked! Line! Sinker!

The second they hooked up on, she started a wild sex show. “John” thought, she really likes me, she’s into me. He did everything she told him to do. After “John” concluded his romance, broke up for about 15 seconds, then to “Johns” horror, his entire display of self manipulation had been recorded and was being played back to him on his IPAD. A voice over came on, explaining to John he had to put $500 everyday into a money account at Money or the entire episode would be released to all of “Johns” social network accounts. Seems they had taken them as well when he used

Richmond RCMP issued a serious warning about this new “invasion” of cyber-terrorism on our teens. The stories of victims are now coming out. Daniel Williams of the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has been warning of this coming terror. To report this type of activity on your child’s computer, call toll free 1-888-495-8501 or

Horrible story. Horrible times our kids live in. So much potential to make them victims!

Yet, how much power would we take away from the garbage of society if we did one simple thing. Talk about sex! Openly talk about sex.

Let’s take “John” from the above true story. What if he felt comfortable enough, to say, “Mom, Dad, I made a huge mistake. I was here , I felt alone, lonely, met someone on line who is scamming me. The worst thing I did was touch myself. Now they want all my money. They threaten me with your ISP number, we should call the cops.

They are our kids! Should we make them or let them be embarrassed about their bodies?