For Single Moms

For Single Moms

Did You Know: as a single female parent, 68.2% of 14 years of age or younger females will be sexually, mentally or physically abused by the man you bring into the house, as your new “partner”.

Don’t let the wolf in the hen house. If you haven’t spent atleast 2 years with this man, he shouldn’t get house keys. I have conducted hundreds of interviews with single moms whose child/dhildren have been abused, ages 25 to 45, and they generally said the same thing:

  • they don’t believe it happened
  • my daughter must be making it up
  • the Police are exaggerating because they couldn’t make the last charge stick, and
  • (my personal favourite) “you can plainly see its a lie, I’m much more attractive than my daughter”.

Acting without caution because your afraid to be alone, is a devastating price for your child to pay! Think about it!

If you are a child in an abusive situation, ask for help. Call the police, tell them where you are, and what happened. They will direct you to the appropriate authorities. If you are really stuck you can also contact us at this website: Be Safe!