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Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety

It’s time to talk about Spring Break and to share a few thoughts with you about our kids safety while they are on vacation. I’ve always enjoyed Spring Break because the kids don’t seem to get bored like they do with the much longer Christmas break. Just the right amount of time to have fun, get the bike ready for when the snow is finally gone and think about the summer.

The only down side of Spring Break, is the kids get so wrapped up in the fun, sometimes they forget to be safe. No responsibilities and a jolt of adrenaline can lead to some bad decisions, so lets take a moment to review a couple of dinner topics you may want to bring up.


  • this is the wrong time of year to be playing, skating or fishing on the nearby ice, whether it’s on a pond, river or lake – DON”T go on the ice for any reason, when discussing this one, feel free to mention the 175 ice fisherman from Ohio who had to be rescued
  • talk about the “snow fun” rules – not too much speed with the toboggan or ski’s, tree’s and avalanche’s are not your friends when it comes to these sports, and at this time of year the smart thing to do is make a call or two to find out the snow conditions in the area you will be in
  • whatever your kids will be doing, make sure they know to check in and let you know where they are at all times – “change a plan-make a call”

Parents Reminder —————–

  • If you plan on using a day care, baby sitter or community program, check their references, does someone know First Aid, what is the ratio of instructor to child, and make sure they enforce a strict pick up policy you have given them
  • If the kids will be spending some time alone at home, print a Street Smart Kidz Internet contract, go over it with them, have them sign it then post it
  • Go over the house safety plan in case of fire, make sure a Street Smart Kidz phone safety list is filled out and posted, and go over our discussion topics list to see what may apply to your family