“More recently, Bill C-22, the Protecting Children from Online Sexual Exploitation Act, received Royal Assent on March 23, 2011. This act applies to all those who provide Internet services, including providers of Internet access, social networking sites, electronic mail service providers, and Internet content hosting services. The amendments require all providers of Internet services to report to a designated agency any tips they receive regarding Web sites that may contain child pornography. The Act also requires such providers to notify police and safeguard evidence if they believe that a child pornography offence has been committed using their services. Failure to comply with the reporting duties constitutes an offence punishable by graduated fines and possible imprisonment.

Please be assured that we continue to work with our provincial and territorial counterparts, who have direct responsibility for the administration of justice, towards our shared goal of strengthening the criminal justice system’s protection of children against all forms of sexual exploitation.

I commend the work of organizations such as Street Smart Kidz of Canada, and I appreciate having had your comments brought to my attention.

Yours truly,

The Honourable Rob Nicholson
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

“Street Smart Kidz has been a great support to my two schools in the past 2 years.  Steven engaged all kids from age 5 to 12 in his lessons on safety in two days he spent at Aspen Park Elementary.   More recently, he gave presentations to grade 6 students from three different schools.  Steven is a dynamic presenter who connects well with kids teachers, and parents through his knowledge of child safety.  Street Smart Kidz is a great asset to our schools and our community.”

Kyle Timms
Courtenay Elementary School
work: 250 338-5396
cell:  250 703-1463
email:  kyle.timms@sd71.bc.ca

“They may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.”


School District 71

“What could be more important than the safety and welfare of our children? From Internet Safety to babysitting safety tips, Steven Baird from Street Smart Kidz offers all the safety precautions our children need in today’s society. This comprehensive program is a must for all children and their parents.”

Brian Goodwin
Airport Elementary
Ph: (250) 339-3732
Fax: (250) 339-1845

School District 71

We had a wonderful time sponsoring The Street smart Kidz Program her in Port Alberni. we were able to educate over 60 children and thoroughly enjoyed the parents appreciation and thoughts after their children went through the program. Kudos to Steve and his team!

The Kinsmen Club of Port Alberni Email – portalbernikinsmen@yahoo.ca

At Aspen Park our goal is to create a community of student leaders. StreetSmartKidz provides another avenue to pursue that goal. Students learn to take care of their own safety and to be alert to safety concerns for others, an important part of leadership. StreetSmartKidz provides an engaging, interactive program to develop safety skills in our students. We look forward to working with Steven again.

Corinne Wester Principal,
Aspen Park Elementary School

250 890-0944

School District 71

This is a fabulous program dedicated to teaching parents about keeping their children safe. A “must have” in the world today. Armed with information we as parents can do a more effective job of instructing our children on how to behave in a variety of scenarios. This program allows parents to adopt their own individual style of communication to teach their children about their own personal safety. Thank you so much Street Smart Kidz! Keep up the good work.

Shirley Dickie, Courtenay BC