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The Police Are Your Friends

The Police Are Your Friends

Good Morning Parents.

This week I’d like to talk to you about our National Police Force. Of course, I’m talking about our iconic Royal Canadian Mounted Police or as most of us call them, the RCMP. This wonderful group of men and women have recently taken a beating in our media. Some deserved. Some not.

As with every profession, there will always be people involved that shouldn’t be there, who commit criminal acts, act in a offensive manner or just shouldn’t be in the job they are currently employed in. Our RCMP are no exception. Yet when they make a mistake it automatically hits the “front page”, not page 11 or 12 and the media and public pounce on the infraction no matter how big or small.

Yet you never hear them complain about it because they knew the situation going in and if they didn’t know it, their training Officers told them they would be held to a much higher standard than any other profession. AND THEY SHOULD BE!

They have taken a Oath to uphold our laws and to protect and serve the Canadian public! The 5% of the “rotten apples” deserve hard punishment. But what about the other 95% of our un-sung hero’s

  • who go to work every day and do nothing but help and protect us?
  • who are there when we dial 911?
  • who are on the scene at horrific situations? House fire’s, traffic accidents and domestic disputes where human bodies meet unspeakable carnage.

They work the extra hours, survive the day, deal with what they have seen and go home to their families. And somehow, wake up, put on their uniform and go in for another day, never knowing what situation they will face during the day; always hoping the bullet proof vest they wear on the street will not be “needed” today.

I for one don’t know how they do it. Especially the “Special Units” that work the “Child Abuse” unit. They literally have to watch hours upon hours of video so despicable it would shock many of us, just to catch and make a case against child pornographers, distributors and purchasers.

Yet we never hear about these wonderful men and women. We only hear about their mistakes. Most of us know every other profession in this world is just as flawed, with just as many bad hires. Every newspaper and newscast is filled with stories about child molesting teachers, coaches, doctors, dentist and yes, child advocates and safety experts.

Yes, our RCMP should be held to a higher standard. They should also receive many more accolades than they do. The next time you verbally bash the RCMP in front of your children, please try and remember all the wonderful programs they conduct for our kids.

And if you can’t think of anything nice to say about our National Police Force, please consider the following:

By bashing the RCMP in front of your children, you are creating a feeling of mistrust in your child when they might need the RCMP the most; when they are lost, hurt, scared or worst. Imagine a world where your child is to afraid to dial 911.

See our video “The Police Are Your Friends”.

Street Smart Kidz of Canada received funding for our latest “Child Safety Video” titled “The Police Are Your Friends”. Once again Kin Canada stands front and centre when it comes to protecting our children. This time the help comes from The Kelowna Kinsmen of B.C. whose generosity allow’s us to make this very important video.

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