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Tips For Air Travel With Kids

Tips For Air Travel With Kids

I have had over a dozen emails over the last month, asking me if I had any special tips for parents taking young children on flights. I called Delta and West Jet, and they were kind enough to supply the following information. They both gave great customer service to us, lots of important information which I will now share with you. Happy Flights!

How to prepare for air travel with a small child.

  • Book a appointment with your child’s Doctor, and ask
  • is your child well enough to travel
  • do you need a signed medical letter to confirm this
  • does your child need any prescriptions or vaccines for where your going

Contact Your Airline

  • let them know if your child needs a special menu, or specialized equipment , like oxygen or a wheelchair
  • let them know about any health concerns, if your child is anaphylactic or has other serious medical problems
  • ask if you need a medical letter for medication or equipment, syringes etc
  • ask for seats in advance, bulkhead seats, or if the flight isn’t full, ask for adjacent seats to be kept free so your child has more space