The Police Are Your Friends

Treat Police Officers With Respect

Good Morning Parents.

Lets take a few moments and talk about our Kids future. At some point in time, they will be inter acting with our Federal, Provincial or Community Law Enforcement Officers. Lets face this issue head on by being honest with your children about Police Officers and give them the tools to handle the situation properly at the time of the interaction. Set aside your possible “issue’s” from the past or present and set your kids up for success.

This editorial is a common sense , objective opinion. It’s not Pro / Anti Police in anyway. It’s a tool your child should have in their “life tool box”.

Teach your child , if in contact with Law Enforcement and they are handled, talked to in a in appropriate manner, whether it be force, racist comments, prejudice insinuations due to religious beliefs or anything else that’s strange, they should document. Document everything! Badge numbers. Time. Place. Witnesses. Most important, keep their mouth shut! Yes sir. Yes Ma’am.

Teach them to do what they are told, when they are told to do it. Teach them to NEVER, ever try to strike / hit a Police Officer. Teach them to show respect to all Police Officers where ever they may be. Teach them if they are ever pulled over to keep both hands on the steering wheel. If in the passenger seat to keep both hands on the dash board until told otherwise. Teach them to NEVER go for the glove box or reach into a pocket, unless they have been given the OK by the Police Officer first.

Teach them if they are alone, flashing lights come up behind them in a abandoned area and the situation doesn’t “feel” right, they don’t have to be afraid. They don’t even have to stop. Teach them to put on their flashers, call 911 immediately, explain the situation to the operator that you are driving to a more “public, lighted area” and will co operate fully upon arrival. With out cell phone? Put on the flashers, drive below speed limit until arriving at a well lighted public area. Lock all doors until comfortable.

Teach them Police are not allowed by our laws to violate our Civil Rights / Liberties!

Teach them to respect and obey our Police Officers!

Teach them 85% of all Police Officers are wonderful people who answered a calling within themselves to serve their community and fellow man. Teach them 15% of all Law Enforcement Officers are liars, cheats and garbage.

Teach them the same numbers are true for Child Safety Groups, Teachers, Doctors & Nurses, Crossing Guards, Dentist, Vets and Aunts & Uncles!

Teach them to have empathy. That Officer that is now talking to them may have just come from a domestic violence call with horrid ramifications. That Officer may have just come from a car accident involving dead children, the same age as their own kids. That Officer may be having a really bad day for a number of reasons. Teach them Law Enforcement Officers are human beings and have emotions, the same emotions they have.

Teach them Police Officers aren’t stupid. Police Officers see the same commercials on television as they do. They know a lawyer is one phone call away from having them assigned to a desk or kicked off the force. Our Police Officers know bottom feeding Lawyers are waiting for your call whether its a legitimate complaint or not. They know Gloria Allred, , can’t wait for your call, as she’s waiting for her 35% commission.

Teach them Street Smart Kidz of Canada agrees with them, sometimes, but never when it comes to abusing our Police Officers!

Teach them the Managing Director of SSK ( believes Eric Garner was murdered! He should have listened to the Police Officers. He didn’t. The Police Officers over reacted. What happened to Eric Garner was murder by excessive force. To call it anything else is stupidity. Eric Garner was murdered. Teach them Mike Brown in Ferguson was wrong on so many levels we have no idea on where to start. Lets just say, if you choose to hit and wrestle with a Police Officer who has asked you to “halt” numerous times and the result is your shot to death, after trying to grab his gun, what result would you expect? As for the child in Chicago being shot to death by Police Officers over the X-mas Holidays, my question is for the parents. How did you allow your child to think “pointing ANY weapon at Police Officers was a game”? Plastic gun. Orange cap removed which signify it’s a fake. Pointed at a cop 5 days after 2 NYPD were executed in their car. What are we teaching your kids?

Teach your kids!

Whether you are pro / con about our Law Enforcement Officers, educate your kids on how to navigate their future dealings with them. I’ll leave you with a true story from 10 years ago, just after we started Street Smart Kidz. One of our Directors back then had a fun loving, wild teenage boy. Good looking, popular with the girls and fun to be around. Every time he had a “issue” with Police at illegal parties, pit parties, bon fires on government land, he always had to be the “big” man. Called the cops names, spit at them. He looked big and shiny around the teenage girls at the time. Problem was, soon, every cop knew his name, vehicle and address. Wasn’t long until none of the girls wanted to be seen with him, because he was always being pulled over. Every single fine & charge was right. He brought it all on himself.