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During this last week, the most beautiful world wide Monument created to celebrate Peace and the Peacekeepers who make it possible, was desecrated in Ottawa with graffiti, protesting Canada’s role in Afghanistan.

Street Smart Kidz wants to tell kids that graffiti, tagging, destruction of public property is vandalism, which is against the law and is not a “victimless crime”…

We would like parents to inform their kids that they will have a criminal record if they are convicted of vandalism. Vandalism may seem like a victim-less crime, but our Police and Courts disagree, as do the property owners, Towns and Cities, businesses and Peacekeepers who pay to have graffiti cleaned up.

Does your child realize, a criminal record WILL affect their school and job prospects? They could be denied a passport or ability to travel on the next family vacation?

This week, there were stories in newspapers from Victoria to Halifax about businesses and property being destroyed by this senseless act of trying to be cool.

We can stop this! Let’s talk to our kid’s about graffiti!

For more information see our Kids & Crime – Vandalism A Trilogy 3 Part Video Series.