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Why Wear Pink At the Start Of School

Why Wear Pink At the Start Of School

The kids are finally in school and all seems strangely quiet in the neighbourhood. At the schools, it’s controlled chaos. Especially in the Provinces with school closures, as kids and teachers don’t seem to know where they are going, and as we all know, kids under stress sometimes lash out.

Which brings us to today’s topic. “Starting the new school year the Right Way”

School has only been open a week, yet there were dozens of stories in the newspapers about kids being bullied. Stories about a child suffering from anaphylaxis ( a deadly allergy of peanuts) having stones thrown at him , while the kids taunting him said they were peanuts, to the worst bullying story of them all, the Reena Virk case, all seemed to dominate the headlines.

It reminded me of two personal heroes of mine. David Shepherd and Travis Price, both from Nova Scotia who last year attended grade 12. These are the boys that started a “Everyone Wear Pink Day”, after they found a grade 9 student being bullied because he wore a pink shirt to school. Other students called the young man a homosexual and threatened to beat him up. David and Travis stepped in , made sure the young student was safe, then created a day where everyone was equal. Everyone could wear pink without reprisal or ridicule.

I think we should designate Oct. 1st as the “Everyone Wear Pink Day”!

Let’s get the new year off to a great start, and stop the bullying before it starts. Let’s encourage the kids to take care of each other, like David and Travis.

Encourage your kids to get it started in every school.

Tell your PTA or PAC to support this: for all the kids who wear pink or have peanut allergies!