Webcam Safety

Good morning Parents!

While I share a true Canadian crime story with you, please find a piece of masking or duct tape to put over your webcam, as well as your laptop camera’s. One inch of non-clear tape can save your children and family members money, terror, regret and embarrassment. Now while your cutting tape, let me share the true story of Valerie Gignac, 27, from Joliette, Quebec.

Quebec RCMP have arrested Gignac, who they say hacked into people’s computers, taunted them with vile, filthy language over their speakers and forced children as young as 3, to adults as old as 83 to look at “extreme pornography”.

RCMP say she targeted people in Canada as well as internationally. The Mounties have identified eight victims so far, under the age of nine, yet they also proclaim the investigation is in it’s earliest stages. “We know that there are many more victims”, Constable Philippe Gravel said. Valerie Gignac, 27, allegedly used a remote administration tool , also known as a RAT, to take control of computers infected with a virus. “Gignac also had the opportunity to view inside the victims homes using this technology”.

In a written statement released by the RCMP:

“Our investigation shows the suspect used various methods to harass her victims, including eavesdropping on private conversations and by communicating with victims through the speakers of their infected computers”. She also frightened her victims by taking over control of their computers and logging on to extreme pornography websites”. RCMP also stated “Gignac posted videos of herself on YouTube ” taking over un-suspecting victims computers and scaring them while families were gathered around their computers”. YouTube has taken down “most” of these video’s since charges were laid, but some are still available as this is being written. RCMP also allege “she is the owner of a hacking forum with 35,000 members worldwide”.

RCMP have seized all the data from her forum, including members names, private messages and all computer equipment from her home. “We have thousands of hours of data to process” Gravel said. As do our “international partners”.

Gignac is charged with unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to computer data. More charges are pending. The strongest penalty she can receive is one year probation and a fine of $10,000!

Our RCMP did their job! Are passing along the names and IP’s to other Countries Law Enforcement Agencies, where jail terms will be handed out in most countries, for the same offence’s. Think about this and please ask your politicians who will knocking on your door during the next couple of month’s looking for your vote in our upcoming election. Ask them where they stand on protecting our kids and sentencing guidelines.